Systems, processes and optimisation

I work with clients to create greater efficiencies in their businesses, this has included:-

> Client needs a solution for managing customer information, projects and tasks, invoicing and other finance tools, allowing participants to register and pay for events, selling goods online.

Research appropriate software solutions to meet the needs of the client and make recommendations then implement:-

  • customer relationship management with Batchbook
  • task management with Asana
  • invoicing with Zoho
  • event registration with EventArc
  • eCommerce solutions with Volusion

> Client has outdated database of customer information, plus numerous additional documents of customer information and wants to bring together into a useable asset.

Evaluate the efficacy of existing database program and make recommendations for improvement, liaise with expert consultant to optimise the client’s Microsoft Access database, consolidate data sheets to import and merge into the master list.

> Research required on various individuals, websites, products, organisations, software, programs, partnerships, opportunities and funding bodies.

Conduct research and provide thorough analysis and recommendations based on required criteria.

> Attended a cosmetics fair in Italy, capture and report on my findings.

Development of a 40+ page detailed report in Microsoft Word with links and imagery, covering trends, suppliers of packaging and finished products.

Consolidated sales data required for monthly analysis.

Liaise with General Manager and determine required outcomes, analyse sales data create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel to import relevant data into master monthly sheet providing data for analysis.