Strategic development

I work with clients to deliver business strategies, this has included:-

> Setting up international supply chain for an eCommerce site and requiring the best rates on shipping.

I negotiated the supply contract with our logistics partner giving us the best possible rates on import and export, rates appropriate for a company shipping exponentially more than my client.

> Coordinate submissions and content for online gallery exhibition with 35 artists from around the world.

Liaise with artists, create tracking document to ensure receipt of required information, upload data to the website, test and optimise pre-launch.

> Need 20 customers to test new product over 6 weeks and provide feedback.

I formulated testing materials: instructions and feedback forms and liaise with participants through the testing process and to gain final feedback.

> New product launch requires customer testimonials.

Consolidate list of contacts and liaise with contacts for missing details, create Mailchimp campaign and link to newly created Survey Monkey form to gather feedback.

> Community development project of 8 week business start up course for enterprising young people.

Develop curriculum of basic business topics including visioning and skill building exercises, create multimedia teaching plan and facilitate course supporting participants development throughout.

> Community development project of a series of standalone business workshops for enterprising young people.

Develop workshop schedule and facilitate, Conduct promotional activities including radio interview.

> Client with broad skills in the wellness industry wanting to create a less physically demanding but still financially rewarding career.

Clarified product offering, created costings for various wellness and teacher training courses and created a product brief and quote for a partnership with another organisation.

> New clients looking to expand their product offering significantly and looking for a manufacturing partner to do this with.

I constructed solid partnerships and nurtured these accounts through product development and manufacturing for a full roll out of their new product ranges. These are some of the top performing clients for my previous employer now.

> Clients looking for lower prices, employer looking for greater margin.

I evaluated costings and negotiated a better deal with suppliers resulting in increase profit to my employer and a lower price to my customer whilst maintaining product quality.

> 30,000 gift sets to be produced for Christmas delivery.

Created product briefs and met with supplier in shanghai to further develop relationship, quality control and approve samples.